About Iberian Navarretinto

– probably the best Iberian pig farm in Spain – began its journey in 2000 with a project that integrates, within the Extremadura pasture, the most advanced German technology. We are supported by two R&D&I projects, our exceptional genetics and health, our qualification being Special Health Protection Farm and Genetic Selection Farm.

Our production is limited to 13,000 pigs/year with a quality that is difficult to surpass and total homogeneity.


ammon beneficial for health


In the area of ​​Navarretinto, located in a beautiful valley full of cistus and holm oaks, the natural habitat of eagles, vultures and deer, within the Sierra del Manzano, municipal area of ​​Talarrubias (Badajoz) is the pig farm of the same name, dedicated to the breeding of Iberian pigs of the highest genetic purity and highest quality. As there is no other pig farm within a 40 km radius, it has the best sanitary conditions in Extremadura.

Recognition by the President of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin “Dehesa de Extremadura”.


All Navarretinto breeding females are registered in the Iberian Pig Stud Book.

Having reached our production ceiling, a new R&D&i project has been carried out for two years in collaboration with the Chair of Food Technology of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Extremadura, the highest authority on derived products. of the Iberian pig. The results obtained in all the tests carried out on fresh meat and cured products are optimal, according to the very high quality standards that this institution demands.

Navarretinto only transforms its own production. It does not integrate other farms, it is not associated, which is why it guarantees its original and exceptional quality. Its production is limited and certified.

Our curated products project is more than just “food”. We think of those who know and want to enjoy the flavor (smell, taste and texture combined) of unique products, and this can only be achieved with a group of people with tradition, sensitivity, good taste, who appreciate what can be achieved from the best Iberian pork. obtain.

We are firmly committed to a nearby market in gastronomic tradition, a market of connoisseurs of our best Iberian pork. We present Navarretinto to them, protected by the security that the quality of our cured products gives us.

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