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Dry-cured top blade from Extremadura

Dry-cured top blade



Presa de bellota 100 % ibérico. “Pata Negra”

Two fresh top blades of pork loin, approximately 625 grams each, can be obtained from each pig that weighs in at over approximately 160 kg.

The ingredients of the dry-cured top blade are: 100% Iberian acorn-fed top blade, sea salt, La Vera paprika, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, oregano and preservatives (E-250 and E-252). Once the drying and maturing process is over, the weight per unit is between 350 and 400 grams.

It has a high iron content, which can be seen in its strong reddish-purple colouring and it has such a high energy value that a sense of recovering energy can be noticed after eating just a few slices.

Its organoleptic properties are unique; to enjoy it fully, it is recommended to removed it from its vacuum pack and keep it in a cool and dry place for 24 hours prior to consumption, then cut it into approximately 1.7 mm thick slices.

When the pig is quartered, the top blade can be found in the blade shoulder, in front of the loin.

Allergens: Does not contain gluten. GMO free. Packaging not edible.

100% acorn-fed Iberian pork top blade. “Pata Negra”

Nutritional specifications per 100 gr of product:


Energetic value 327 Kcal/1368 kj
Proteins 37,1  g
Fats 18,2 g
Saturated fats 7,1 g
Carbohydrates 1,4 g
Sugars <0,5 g
Salt 4,7 g

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