Premium Quality Iberian Ham from Extremadura

100% Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham

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The farm at Navarretinto

Navarretinto – probably the biggest farmer of Spanish Iberian pigs - opened in 2000 with a plan to incorporate the most advanced German technology in the meadows of Extremadura. Our credentials include two R&D&i projects, our exceptional genetic and healthcare record, and our certification as a Farm with Superior Health and Safety Standards and Breeding Farm.

Salvador Pereira Menaut
President of Navarretinto

Acorn-fed Iberian ham

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Mi lomo favorito, el de Navarretinto. La calidad se nota.

Sofie Brenner
Köln – Alemania

Sencillamente, el lomo Natural doblado es excepcional. Nunca había probado otro lomo parecido.

Fernando Gómez
Madrid – España

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