About Navarretinto

– probably the biggest farmer of Spanish Iberian pigs – opened in 2000 with a plan to incorporate the most advanced German technology in the meadows of Extremadura. Our credentials include two R&D&i projects, our exceptional genetic and healthcare record, and our certification as a Farm with Superior Health and Safety Standards and Breeding Farm.

Our production is limited to 13,000 pigs per year with a quality that cannot be easily challenged, and perfect homogeneity.

100% Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham

Health benefits

The farm

Navarretinto is located in a beautiful valley full of rockroses and Holm oaks, the natural habitat of eagles, vultures and deer, in the Sierra del Manzano, township of Talarrubias (Badajoz). Here the pig farming of the same name can be found, dedicated to breeding Iberian pigs of the highest genetic purity and quality. In the absence of any other pig farming in a range of 40km, we offer the best health and safety guarantees in Extremadura.

Granted the Denomination of Origin “Dehesa de Extremadura” by the President of the corresponding Regulatory Council.

Our production

All Navarretinto reproductive females are registered in the Iberian Pig Genealogical Register.

As we have reached our maximum production levels, we have undertaken a new R&D&i project over two years in collaboration with the Department of Food Technology from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Extremadura, the highest authority on Iberian pork produce. The results from the tests carried out on the fresh meat and the cured products are optimum, meeting the high quality standards required by this institution.

Navarretinto only uses its own produce. We are not integrated or associated with other farms, to safeguard our original and exceptional quality. Navarretinto production is limited and certified.

Our cured produce project goes way beyond simple “food production”. We have carefully considered those who are able to appreciate and enjoy the flavour (a combination of smell, taste and texture) of these unique products and this can only be achieved by a group of people who take tradition, sensibility and good taste into account, and who are fully aware of the best that an Iberian pig has to offer.

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