Chorizo Ibérico (Iberian Chorizo)

31/01/2017 — Published by Bego

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The Chorizo Ibérico is another of the classics in the Iberian category of Spanish cuisine. Iberian chorizo, also known as "extra chorizo ​​de bellota", is made from the same pigs used to create Iberian ham, which guarantees the same quality and excellence as far as its production is concerned. In addition to the ham, the chorizo ​​and the Iberian sausages are the two other best known products made with this type of pork and which are also authentic gifts for the palate.

Manufacture of the Iberian chorizo

Other products derived from the Iberian pig, in addition to the Iberian ham, are chorizo ​​and sausage. The differences of both go from the type of elaboration to the parts of the animal used to elaborate each one of these products.

In the case of the Iberian chorizo ​​is used 100% Iberian pork bellota with a maturation of about 5 months, in addition to the maturation of the chorizo, which lasts about 5 months.

For its part, the sausage is made with lean Iberian pork. It is made from pork fat, pepper, salt, oregano, all well mixed, and allowed to air dry.

After seasoning the meat, we can perform the pork test, which consists of choosing the meat used to make the sausage, frying it and eating it to taste the salt and paprika. In many cases, as much meat is reserved for testing as for the elaboration of the Iberian chorizo, thus ensuring the best quality.

If the level of paprika and salt is adequate, the meat is introduced into the pig's intestines and the sausages are cooked in a room with little humidity for a few days and then stored in the cellar for 3 to 5 months. This will ensure a powerful taste, being ready to consume. Before opening the packaged chorizo, it is recommended to aerate it about 10 minutes


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