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Ham nutritional value

13/12/2016 — Published by Bego

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Ham has not always been considered an ally of diets. Those small threads of fat are often frightening, despite the erroneous approach. There are different types of ham, being among them the ham of acorn, 100% Iberian, the only one that produces Navarretinto, the healthiest.

Iberian (or Iberico) ham is healthy to fight against the great enemies of human health. The first is cholesterol. This type of ham controls the excess of bad cholesterol thanks to its unsaturated fats, with ...

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How to cut Spanish ham

12/12/2016 — Published by Bego

Categories: ham, spanish ham, knive, ham stand, cut ham

To enjoy a good ham, it is advisable to start by cutting properly the pieces of ham. This will ensure that we enjoy both the taste and the texture of an excellent pata negra ham.

The first thing that we are going to need is a stand, usually a wooden structure with the support of the ham by the part of the hoof.

Special knives are essential for a proper cut. Three knives will be needed: A wide blade knife ...

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The Montanera

29/11/2016 — Published by Bego

Categories: iberian ham, iberian pic, montanera, dehesa, pig raise

The montanera is the most important time in the production of Iberian ham. It is called montanera to the period that goes between October and March and that refers to the last phase of breeding of the Iberian pig. The animals enter this stage with about 90 kilograms of weight and can weigh at the end of the period about 160 kg in those years in a good harvest of acorns, gaining an average daily weight of about 0.67 ...

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