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Differences between prosciutto and spanish ham

15/03/2017 — Published by Bego

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Although the Spanish palates are well accustomed to the ham of our land, at international level, the prosciutto is constantly confused with the Serrano ham and even the Iberian. The difference in texture is the most noticeable for the non-experienced consumer, being the prosciutto softer, with a less cured appearance, however, the differences begin already in the earliest stages of the manufacturing process.

The first key to talking about a prosciutto is to come from Italy. The Italian product cures ...

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The Montanera

29/11/2016 — Published by Bego

Categories: iberian ham, iberian pic, montanera, dehesa, pig raise

The montanera is the most important time in the production of Iberian ham. It is called montanera to the period that goes between October and March and that refers to the last phase of breeding of the Iberian pig. The animals enter this stage with about 90 kilograms of weight and can weigh at the end of the period about 160 kg in those years in a good harvest of acorns, gaining an average daily weight of about 0.67 ...

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7 Facts about Iberican (Iberico) ham

11/11/2016 — Published by Bego

Categories: ham, iberian ham, ham facts, iberico ham

There is some confusion in the market about what Iberian ham really is, whether it is the same or not that the acorn ham, together with other issues in general that can trigger the customer to end up buying

bait and switch.

Let's look at the most frequent confusions below.


1. Iberian ham, 100% Iberian?

Many of the hams on the market are not made from 100% Iberian pig; they can be up to 50% crossing with other breeds ...

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