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Differences between prosciutto and spanish ham

15/03/2017 — Published by Bego

Categories: ham, iberian ham, spanish ham, italian ham, prosciutto

Although the Spanish palates are well accustomed to the ham of our land, at international level, the prosciutto is constantly confused with the Serrano ham and even the Iberian. The difference in texture is the most noticeable for the non-experienced consumer, being the prosciutto softer, with a less cured appearance, however, the differences begin already in the earliest stages of the manufacturing process.

The first key to talking about a prosciutto is to come from Italy. The Italian product cures ...

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How to cut Spanish ham

12/12/2016 — Published by Bego

Categories: ham, spanish ham, knive, ham stand, cut ham

To enjoy a good ham, it is advisable to start by cutting properly the pieces of ham. This will ensure that we enjoy both the taste and the texture of an excellent pata negra ham.

The first thing that we are going to need is a stand, usually a wooden structure with the support of the ham by the part of the hoof.

Special knives are essential for a proper cut. Three knives will be needed: A wide blade knife ...

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