The process towards perfection


Talarrubias – Badajoz
Starting point: Navarretinto only produces 100% Iberian pork


Every 21 days, in the best possible delivery room located in the heart of the pastures of Extremadura, our suckling pigs are born. A climate-controlled paddock, equipped with water dispensers, plays home to each mother and her litter. They will remain here until it is time to wean the piglets.

Iberian females, who boast exceptional mothering qualities, enjoy a tailor-made diet based on the number of piglets in her little and their age.

Once the delivery process has ended, each piglet is identified using ear tags, thus making it possible to track them and establish their parentage, date of birth and the specific nature of the handling batch to which they belong, including, logically, all the details regarding insemination that led to the birth.

Weaning and growth

At the age of around 28 days, weighing 6/7 kg, the piglets are weaned, grouping them into batches and sexes in the climate-controlled transition rooms. As part of this process, they will fight non-stop until the hierarchy of each group is clearly established.
During this phase, the piglets are fed using special post-weaning and booster pellets. Aged around three months and weighing 23 kg, the piglets are transferred to large outdoor plots where they will be nourished on cereals and legumes until they weigh around 95/115 kg.


“Montanera grazing is the system of nourishing animals based on the utilisation of acorn and grassland resources typical of the pastures of Spain and Portugal. This lasts from October to March, inclusive.” – Real Decreto 4/2014

Weighing between 95 and 115 kg, the pigs are transferred to Holm oak forests, with a ratio of 0.25 to 1.25 pigs/ha depending on the percentage of surface area covered by the foliage of the oak trees. The animals are sent out to graze between 1 October and 15 December and are sacrificed between 15 December and 31 March. They must weigh at least 46 kg and be aged at least 14 months.

Management and traceability

All operations at Navarretinto are fully computerised. Operations are managed first-hand by trained and experienced veterinary staff and an official certification body is responsible for controlling traceability. The production of Navarretinto Iberian pigs that gives rise to our raw materials complies with all breed purity, handling and feeding requirements and are known as:

100% Premium Quality Acorn-Fed Iberian Pigs


Extremadura – Salamanca – Madrid

After the grazing period and in order to sacrifice the pigs and to proceed with the seasoning, drying and storing process, the best facilities in Guijuelo have been chosen; here, both the appointed bodies and certifying bodies control even the finest details of the process with the greatest possible care and diligence, continuing the tracing process to safeguard the produce that will reach the consumer.
The minimum times set out in the regulations in force for each of the drying and storing processes are exceeded depending on the criteria deemed appropriate by our technical department, resulting in products of a genuinely extraordinary quality.

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